For media network clients, customer experience could very well be the main factor in deciding which brand to choose. The Tovanot Research Institute can help you make your business the prospective client’s first choice, as well as retain existing clients.

The Tovanot Research Institute Survey Center enables service providers to precisely determine whether their clients are receiving up-to-date, reliable information about the products, services, accounts and all other information regarding the network. This program also enables companies to receive feedback from new clients with whom the employees have spoken during the initial stage of the relationship or following a long period of contact.

The mystery shopper program makes it possible to receive information regarding the service and purchasing experience at each point of sale. This tool enhances customer experience with the following parameters:

Research and Surveys

  • Assessing advertising effectiveness
  • Focus groups
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Benchmark brand power

Mystery shopper

  • Information about service and product variety
  • Service ability
  • Service efficiency
  • Sales techniques
  • You vs. the competition
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