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Fast Food

The fast food industry closely monitors customer satisfaction and focuses on several main issues – such as speed of delivery and food and service quality – in order to increase the returning customer percentage.

Fast food is a highly competitive, frenetic industry in which a customer’s negative experience could be highly detrimental to the brand’s reputation.

Tovanot helps organizations gauge the customer’s experience, assess their policy on the operational and service levels, evaluate time frames and gain insights into the various processes.

We use the following assessment parameters:

Research and Surveys

  • Brand loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Intra-organizational surveys
  • Assessing advertising effectiveness
  • Focus groups
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Benchmark brand power

Mystery shopper

  • Speed of service
  • Food quality
  • Customer service excellence
  • Cleanliness
  • Atmosphere
  • Integrating customer responses and work processes

By using mystery shoppers and customer satisfaction surveys, the Tovanot Program helps identify positive customer experiences, which the team of employees can then emulate on a regular basis. This winning combination of elements provides the optimal solution for monitoring customer experience while setting a standard for the store/chain.

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