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Banking and Financial Services

“Mystery shopping” and related surveys help many businesses in the financial services sector to improve customer experience, assess customer satisfaction and gauge their expectations of the organization in order to provide them with optimal service.

Concepts such as loans, account openings, bank credit, commissions and investments require that the team of pollsters have a high level of knowledge in order to provide you with credible banking information.

Are your clients pleased with their interaction with the service providers? Are your employees adhering to personal information security and proper disclosure procedures? Is your customer pleased or is he considering switching to the competition?

Thanks to many years of customer management experience in the financial services sector, our company is able to provide the answers to these questions and many more. By combining surveys with the “mystery shopping”, we are able to provide data analysis, identify trends, and determine whether there is a gap between expectations and reality.

The following are several methods used to improve customer experience in the financial services sector:

Research and Surveys

  • Brand equity
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Client segmentation and segment identification
  • Assessing advertising effectiveness
  • Employee satisfaction

Mystery shopper

  • Employee presentability
  • Service efficiency
  • Service capability
  • Establishing personal contact
  • Professional knowledge
  • You vs. the competition
  • Sales skills
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